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Modern pharmacy, the Crisia Farm concept

A unique nationwide platform for developing and promoting prescriptions
Customized pharmaceutical care recognizes that each patient is unique. In close collaboration with pharmacists, prescribing physicians establish the best dosage form and strength, route of administration, combination and duration of treatment. The recipe obtained through the correlation of the most appropriate pharmaceutical active substances strictly suited to the needs of the patient is the essence of the laboratory recipe. The master formulation made by a pharmacist under the prescription physician’s guidance is essential to provide the patient with a personalized, unique treatment. Prescription physicians have a very important role in providing us with the needs and ideas to help them treat their patients. We have invested in modern equipment, innovative work techniques and permanent training – Pharmacist specialist Cosmina Bengescu, Crisia farm manager

Crisia Farm launches on the Romanian market the concept of modern pharmacy, equipped with innovative laboratory and technology, able to provide personalized, last generation treatments

In Europe, the concept of modern personalized pharmaceutical care was implemented for the first time in the Netherlands in 1990. The success strategy of this solution is focused both on optimization and innovation of personalized pharmaceutical care, broadening the therapeutic options for prescribing physicians and improving quality of life for patients. Investing in product innovation and development has led to the widespread use of the world-wide pharmaceutical combination concept, being active up to now in 34 countries across Europe, over 60 countries around the world.

Crisia Farm implements this concept in Romania, becoming the 35th European country where prescriptive physicians and patients can enjoy a laxity and innovation in the pharmaceutical field.

Preparations available on the market have limitations. Our scientific offer is unrivaled for the physician who, of course, puts the therapeutic interest in the forefront: combinations in the laboratory offer unique solutions for each patient, offering the doctor and pharmacist the opportunity to create a dedicated treatment with maximum efficiency – Pharmacist Amalia Apostol, laboratory development business manager Crisia farm

Thanks to the team of doctors researchers, chemists and over 200 pharmacists on four continents, extensive pharmaceutical experience, top technology and pharmaceutical composition focus, research laboratories support the discovery and development of innovative concepts for treating patients, treatments that are strictly for their affections. Innovative administration vehicles such as ointments and transdermal bases, conventional ready-to-use packs and other pharmaceutical solutions and products used by prescribing physicians, pharmacists and patients around the world are developing. The recipe designed to customize the treatment comes with a wide range of benefits not only for patients but also for doctors; as it increases the quality and effectiveness of the treatment offered. For example, it improves compliance with medication and saves life guaranteeing the patient a lower probability of side effects, with treatment being unique. This means that the pharmaceutical composition product can be customized either by an alternative dosage form or by an alternative dosage strength or combination therapy. The magistral remedy also offers a solution to the lack of medication. Master products can serve as an alternative to new and unavailable therapeutic needs.

For us, doctors, who are used to typing, the recipe is a professional challenge. We are now talking about scientifically high-quality formulations of active substances used in the recipe, substances that comply with European Pharmacopoeia standards. It is easy to understand that a personalized, effective pharmaceutical preparation will please the patient, more and more attention to the quality of the pharmaceutical products available on the market – Dr. Oana Clatici, primary dermatologist, prescription master prescriptions Crisia farm

Crisia farm pharmaceuticals are created and manufactured in the pharmacy lab or by GMP procedures facilities based on scientific pharmaceutical knowledge.

Crisia farm activity focuses on the following segments of pharmaceutical compositions:

Composition services: personalized medications prepared in sterile and non-sterile preparation facilities, in close co-operation with prescribers.
Brands: Innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations for pharmaceutical