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Welcome to Crisia farm

Experiment the art of personalizing recipes!


Crisia Farm is a concept that was born from the desire of innovation and passion for the art of preparing medicines. The concept of pharmacy with the recipe brings to the fore a laboratory of European standards, latest technology, equipment and solutions capable of providing personalized treatments. We support this concept in Romania to improve the medical act, because prescriptive doctors as well as patients enjoy a laxity in getting an effective treatment. We aim to raise our own strengths in the art of preparing medicines to a new level, and the treatments they produce based on the prescription prescription come with a personalized solution for patients and doctors, thus increasing the efficiency of the treatment offered.

Latest technology and equipment


Laboratory for the preparation of medicines at European standards


Customized treatments based on prescription


Fewer side effects



Consultants doctors
Laboratory procedures
Customized treatments

Attention and care for our patients

We pay a special attention to the art of medicines preparation. We take seriously every recipe recived and we respect all the medical specifications.With our prescribing doctors, our target is to find the perfect treatment for each patient.
As a patient it is important to be informed. We believe that the transparency and the good doctor-pharmacist-patient communication is the secret of an efficient treatment. We want those who cross our threshold, make it aware that the personalized treatment prepared by Crisia farm lab is the best choice.
The prescription made for  purpose of customizing the treatment offers many benefits, not only for the patient, but also for the doctor because increases the quality and effectiveness of the treatment provided by it.