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Crisia Farm launches the first online mainstream preparations in Romania

During the event hosted by Crisia Farm at Pullman Hotel in Bucharest, on Friday, May 4th was launched the first online platform of major preparations in Romania, the platform dedicated exclusively to doctors.

Busy prescription is one of the most effective and modern ways of personalized care of the patient. It has the role of reconciling medical diagnosis with the need for individualized treatment. Treatment that addresses a need-to-point and allows for increased efficiency and reduced side effects compared to other drugs. For many prescription prescriptions, prices become very attractive compared to a regular treatment schedule.

Crisia Farm launches a unique platform in Romania, as a modern and fast informational medium specialized in the formulation of mainstream preparations, an application exclusively for prescription physicians. The online platform was thought to be a professional and modern working tool that is in close contact with pharmacists and prescribing physicians who establish the best pharmaceutical form, the concentration of active ingredients, the route of administration, the therapeutic associations and the duration of treatment. The customized personal prescription offers many benefits for both patients and physicians, increasing the quality and effectiveness of the treatment provided.

It also improves compliance with the medication and is adaptable to the patient, being developed based on age and / or eventual allergy to the patient, which significantly diminishes possible adverse effects.

Thus, we can see that we are witnessing the initiation of a new evolutionary phase of community pharmacy, thanks to the innovative Crisia farm concept.

The prescription physician-practitioner equation, having at its center the patient and his needs, finds an effective solution by implementing contemporary elements:

online platform – modern and fast informational environment for specialized communication, dedicated to doctors the latest generation of laboratory equipment – significant reduction of production times, the improvement of the qualitative parameters of the recipe products and the specific traceability

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