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Why choose a personalized treatment from your doctor?

A personalized treatment implies greater efficiency and patient safety.
MAGISTRAL Pharmaceutical preparations are drugs that are prepared in the pharmacy at the request of the patient on a prescription basis. The recipe is personalized giving a unique treatment for each patient. Pharmaceutical products are intended for immediate use. The development of the drug industry over the last few years has served as the main reason for appealing less and less to master formulas. These drugs can serve as a treatment for many affections, the most common of which is: oral mucosal disorders, dermatological problems and gynecological disorders.

The personalization of a treatment increases the efficacy of the substances, each patient being unique and requiring individualized treatment, strictly based on its profile and symptoms. Following the analyzes, the doctor studies the diagnosis he / she establishes for the patient and makes a treatment for the patient. The recommendation is sent to the pharmacist, and he prepares the unique treatment for the patient. Transparent communication between a physician and a pharmacist is a great benefit for the patient in the treatment process. The price of personalized treatment is often cheaper than industrial medicines.

Therefore, a personalized treatment brings the patient benefits both economic and medical. And so the improvement of the health condition occurs in a much shorter time, the treatment having a higher efficiency.